IW ENGINEERING S.A., founded in 2010, is a professional body dedicated to
integrating and offering services in the area of IT.
Currently with offices in Santiago, Chile and London, U.K.

Our activity is centred on giving support to companies in three specific areas:

1. The first is M2M services (data exchange between geolocation (GPS) machines).

2. The second area is related to software component development for M2M and mobile devices (Smartphones).

3. The third area is in Business Intelligence, giving the proper support to handle the resultant data from M2M technology, geolocation (GPS) and mobile application to fundamentally improve business performance.

Our company objective is to enhance the growth of the business, consolidating
the client base and permanently increasing the IT infrastructure.

Our main goal is to deliver an integrated solution, suitable for the clients needs, to carry out follow up consultations based on the evaluation of the task performed.





Our aim is to provide total satisfaction to our clientâÓ?s individual needs; seeking to constantly improve through our dedicated team of professionals, technology and our Quality Management System with the aim of maintaining long-term business relationships.